There’s many different ways to do this but the idea is to tell all your friends, parents of friends, families and teachers all about it. Read some ideas of what you might do here!

We have prepared some tools for you to showcase the CineSeeds Program in the best possible way.

  1. Download the Powerpoint (CineSeeds presentation 2017 )for your class or school assembly and a CineSeeds Ambassador Guide (some ideas on what to say!)
  2. Trailer of Satellite Boy (for Junior audiences )
  3. Trailer of Zach’s Ceremony (for Senior audiences)
  4. Animation about CineSeeds and explaining what human rights are and why they are so important. You can also download this video as a small or large mp4 file.
  5.  Amnesty International has created a simplified version of it for use with children of all ages you can download here.

For parents and Ambassadors over 13 years of age, please connect to our Social Media! Like our Facebook page and share the events. Follow our Instagram page and share the pics of your campaign! @cineseeds

Tweet your pics #cineseeds @humanrightsfest

Spread the Word & Share

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